SMLXL DESIGN is a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) based architecture and design platform founded in 2016. We are architects and designers who work within the fields of architecture, interior design, urbanism, landscape design and product design. Our work reflects continuous research of contemporary architectural and sociological issues with the aim of creating new and compelling architectural typologies.

Our members have been involved in projects in Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania. We believe that COLLABORATION is one of the key points in any kind of business. For that reason we keep constantly fluent comunication between all of our members. We SHARE our point of view in all the stages of the projects providing CONSTRUCTIVE feedbacks to improve our work. This way of work allow us to provide optimal services to any client.

About Our Team

We are an international multidisiplinar team of people sharing our common passion


Luisma García Santillán Rubinstein





SMLXL DESIGN has experience working in all kind of scales, from the most tiny elements to masterplan of the completly new town